Meet Rochelle Thompson, Injury Prevention Coordinator

Rochelle has been leading St. Christopher’s injury prevention outreach for four years, and this year will lead our local Injury Free Site for the Injury Free Coalition for Kids (IFCK). In this role, she will develop injury prevention programs based on local injury surveillance and address neighborhoods with high injury rates, with input from local coalitions of stakeholders.

Rochelle loves interacting with children and families and takes pride in making a difference to help change behavior to prevent an injury. As the Injury Prevention Coordinator, she has been instrumental in the development and success of prevention programs at St. Christopher’s, such as the Cribs for Kids North Philadelphia and St. Christopher’s Car Seat Programs. She has educated hundreds of families on a variety of prevention topics such as scald burns, bike safety, pedestrian safety, home safety, fire prevention, gun safety, and fall prevention. Rochelle works collaboratively with the Trauma Center and multi-disciplinary teams in establishing relationships that foster the connections between the patients, families, and community in health promotion. It was through these collaborative connections that led to the opening of the Injury Prevention Resource Center in 2018, as well as in establishing the Survivors Offering Assistance Recovery (SOAR) program in the Burn Center. She is also responsible for implementing caregiver education, disseminating educational materials and arranging community events.

Rochelle’s partnership with IFCK has provided her with the foundation and knowledge to establish new and improve old programs to help keep patients and their families safe with the goal of zero preventable deaths.

Rochelle brings a clinical perspective to her injury prevention work through her previous role as Practice Manager of Critical Care and Hospital Medicine, working with clinicians. She received her MS degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix and her BA in Psychology from LaSalle University.

To get involved in National Injury Prevention Day, email Rochelle at

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